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We hand-select locations based on the type of stays we curate. Our work stays are near centers of commerce and where city hubs are easily accessible. Our family vacations and weekend getaways are tailored to areas that are near attractions, shops, and great eateries. Once we find a general location, we do in-depth research on specific neighborhoods to find the perfect home to host our guests.

Developing Stays




We either purchase properties in areas that we have researched, or we partner with local landlords. If you are a landlord, reach out to us for partnership opportunities.

Designing our Listings

After we establish the next location to develop, we invest a great deal into the interior design and furnishings. We understand how to make the accommodation aspect of traveling away from home seamless so that guests can fully focus on the purpose for their stay.

Building a Team

It takes a team of trained professionals to care for the needs of our guests and provide 5-star service. We build teams of exceptional cleaners, handymen, and managers in each location that we provide accommodation.

Ready for Sojourners!

Once we have chosen a property, designed and furnished it, and have built our team, we are ready to provide quality stays.

Come Sojourn with us! 

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