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About Sojourn

Sojourn was founded on the desire to curate quality accommodations that meet the needs of the modern-day traveler. There has been a drastic change in the way people travel since the start of the COVID19 pandemic, and we started this company in response to these new needs. Work is more mobile than ever before. People are beginning to explore more locations that are away from the crowds. The founders of Sojourn, Nathan and Meyah Cruz, are avid travelers and wanted to create memorable and welcoming experiences for the fellow traveler. 

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Partnership opportunity

Sojourn develops accommodations in two ways

Direct ownership and partnering with property owners. If your home is available and in an area that has great potential for accommodating travelers, we would love to partner with you!

Reach out to us to start your journey toward inspiring more sojourners. 

Come Stay with Us!

A Home in a New Place

Sit back and relax in a home-away-from-home accommodation. Our stays are tailored to be comfy and inviting, whether you are travelling for business or are on a family vacation.

Pristine and Clean

Rest assured that you will be staying in a home that has been cleaned by professionals. We pride ourselves in providing sparkling clean accommodations for the wandering traveler.

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Quick and Easy Check-ins

Enter our homes with ease. No more spending precious vacation minutes at a front desk to check-in. Check-in instructions are sent straight to your phone. The entrances to our stay our equipped with PNI code technology that make entry and settling in seamless.

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